How To Perform Umrah

Before starting the topic how to perform Umrah, obligation and precautions, procedure or other Umrah related guidance, hereunder there are some useful information a person must know before leaving for Umrah.

Useful Information Related To Umrah

1) Insurance

Pilgrims are suggested to take out Medical and Accidental Insurance coverage for the entire journey as per their own personal needs and requirements.

2) Credit Cards

All kind of major credit cards are accepted in most of the places and stores in Makkah and Madina.

3) Video Filming

All kind of Video filming and photographing in Saudi Arabia is completely prohibited, especially near the Holy places both in Madina and Makkah. It is better not to take with you camera or Video equipment with you.

4) Weather

In Saudi Arabia the temperature of weather will vary between 20 to 248 degrees Celsius during December and January. It is mainly too hot during zohar time. Nights in Madina are a little cooler.

5) Electric Current

The electric current is 220 Volts so please make sure that you carry a travel adapter if you are planning to take any kind of electrical equipment (kettle, iron, electric razor) with you an electric kettle to use on the sacred trip.

6) Baggage

You should try to travel as light as possible. All baggage should be tagged with your full address, name both inside and outside and must also be locked for security purposes. The dimension of the suitcase must be limited to 28 inches maximum.

7) Laundry Facility

All hotels offer the laundry facilities, which are reasonably priced. There are also many other dry cleaning stores at different corners of the city and also much cheaper than the hotels.

8) ID Card

Each person should carry an ID card showing his or her name, passport number, photograph, and nationality plus some medical information and also telephone numbers of the hotels they will be staying.

9) Respect Of Holy Places

Respect and dignity of the sacred places must be maintained especially when performing various rites of Ziyarat. Care must be taken to see that other Pilgrims are not inconvenienced. You are also advised not to occupy a particular place for a long time where others would also like to pray. Calmness must be maintained in the Holy places or sites and worldly talks and arguments must be avoided. While in Haram, Holy Quran, namaz, Tasbih, Dhikar, Duas (supplication) and Astaghfar must be recited as much as possible.

10) Religious Books And Booklets

Pilgrims wish to carry duas and A'amaal books, may do so by making photo copies to avoid to carry the originals. Those who can not read Arabic language, you will find many Ziyarat in English language in this booklet, which have been compiled with the help of other compilers.

11) A'adab Should Be Focused

It is suggested for one to perform Ghusl (Mustahab) and be in Wuzu (ablution) all the time when going to the Holy places specially in Haram.